Yit Foh Teh Tarik ‘Kaw’ 3-in-1 12’s


Yitfoh Teh Tarik ‘Kaw’  3-in-1 in Kota Kinabalu.

  • Instant 3 in 1 premix milk tea
  • Individually packed, with sugar and creamer added.

Serving Direction:

  • Pour the contents of the sachet into a cup.
  • Add 180ml hot water (Around 90ºC).
  • Stir, a cup of 3 in 1 instant premix milk tea is ready to be serve.


  • 12 sticks x 40g


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Product Description

Yit Foh Teh Tarik ‘Kaw’ is a high-quality tea mix that is specially blended to create a rich and creamy cup of authentic Malaysian teh tarik. Made with a blend of premium tea leaves and milk powder, this tea mix is perfect for those who love the smooth and creamy taste of Malaysian-style tea.

This tea mix is unique in that it is specially formulated to create a strong and flavorful brew, giving it the name ‘Kaw’, which means strong in the Malaysian language. It is perfect for those who prefer their tea with a bold and robust taste.

To prepare, simply add the tea mix to hot water and stir until the tea is well mixed.

Yit Foh Teh Tarik ‘Kaw’ is perfect for enjoying on its own or with your favorite Malaysian-style breakfast, such as nasi lemak or roti canai. It is also a great option for those who want to enjoy the authentic taste of Malaysian-style tea without having to visit a tea house.

In summary, Yit Foh Teh Tarik ‘Kaw’ is a premium tea mix that delivers a bold and flavorful taste of authentic Malaysian teh tarik, perfect for tea lovers who want to experience the rich and creamy taste of Malaysian-style tea anytime, anywhere.