Philips Drycare Essential Hairdryer 1000W HP8108


Easily dry and style your hair

This Philips Essential hairdryer packs the perfect balance of drying and styling power. The dryer is compact and can easily be used at home or taken on the road. Get the beautiful and gentle results you desire, wherever you go.


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Easily Dry And Style Your Hair

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2 Years guarantee – Free worldwide guarantee
Foldable handle
This hairdryer has a foldable handle, making it easy to pack, store, and take anywhere that you go

Powerful and compact
This Philips DryCare 1000W hairdryer creates the optimal level of air flow and gentle drying for beautiful results everyday

Narrow and efficient
The narrow concentrator focuses the air flow for precision styling. Great for small touch-ups or setting your everyday style

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2 year world-wide guarantee

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Designed in Netherlands


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Recyclable, This box id made of at least 90% recycled material

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