Lava Bites Cookies Family Pack


Lava Bites centered filled cookies with assorted flavors. Best for fun times, picnics, or a quick fix for your sweet tooth!

  • No preservatives
  • No transfat
  • Halal Certified
  • Love at first bite
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Product Description

Feel the melted chocolate within as you bite into the crunchy Lava Bites cookies with wonderful flavors coming from fresh and high quality ingredients.

No preservative added and No transfat.

The cookies were a labour of love and years of research to achieve the flavours that you will enjoy them!

Love at first bite.

Proudly made in Malaysia using only the best ingredients and Halal-Certified!

* Lava Bites Casual Pack 独特口味 曲奇饼 (50 gram)
* Lava Bites Family Pack 独特口味 曲奇饼 (200 gram)

Additional Information


Butter Choco, Matcha Green Tea, Double Choco, Strawberry, Durian, Hazelnut, Hojicha Roasted GT